Savuti Safari

When to Go?

Best Time to Visit Savuti

Savuti’s wild reputation carries over into its climate too. Subject to the same conditions as the rest of Botswana (a cool to hot and dry winter and a warm wet summer), Savuti gets a little hotter, colder and drier than the rest of the Chobe National Park.

The most comfortable time for a Savuti safari is considered to be during the May to October dry season. Temperatures are at their lowest (with the mercury just above freezing on a mid-winter early morning) and there is virtually no rain. Daytime temperatures are a pleasant 25°C to 29°C (77°F – 84°F) Note that it is very hot and dry in September and October as the rains build but the game viewing around water is exceptional.

The summer rains transform Savuti into a green wonderland. Temperatures drop a little thanks to cloud cover and the new lush greenery, and with hundreds of impalas giving birth as migrating zebra move in, Savuti becomes a predator paradise. You may get a rain shower or two but early summer (late November to early January) is one of the best times to go to Savuti.

Jan Feb Mar Apr
Peak rainy season; zebra migration, great birding
May Jun Jul Aug
Cool & dry winter; best time to visit, great game viewing, lowest malaria risk
Sep Oct
Hot & dry; great waterhole game viewing
Nov Dec
Early rainy season; impala birthing & zebra migration

What To Do

Activities to Look Forward to

1. Track Big Cats

Welcome to Predator Country: Savuti’s lions, made famous by their eternal battles with spotted hyenas, take centre stage but this region is famous for leopard & cheetah too.

2. Sit with Old Tuskers

Most often encountered near water, the giant bull elephants of Savuti are generally calm & tolerant of our presence, making for amazing up-close photography.

3. Watch the Migration

Travel in early or late summer & you’ll witness Botswana’s zebra migration. The stripy herds pass through on their way to remote grazing lands – Savuti’s big cats, hyenas & wild dogs are waiting for them.

4. View Rock Art

San Bushmen hunters left enigmatic paintings on the isolated Ghoha Hills that stand out on the flat Savuti savannah; local guides lead you to the best sites.

5. Go Bird Watching

An amazing birding destination in general & always great for raptors, it’s during the summer months that Savuti explodes with colour & noise as migrant species such as carmine bee-eaters arrive.

6. Expect the Unexpected

Home to some of Botswana’s most rewarding game viewing, Savuti is an ecological crossover zone with savannah & desert animals, many predators & a reputation for unusual & rare sightings.

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