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When to Go

May to October is dry season

With a climate dominated by two seasons – a long dry winter and short wet summer – when best to travel Namibia depends on your priorities.

The May to October dry season is generally seen as the best time to visit. You’ll enjoy the most comfortable weather – mild and dry from May to August (with very cold nights) and hot and dry September and October. It’s great for game viewing, especially around waterholes, and the risk of malaria is at its lowest.

The summer rains transform the Namibian landscape – arid plains turn green and once-dry rivers flow. Rain usually comes in the form of afternoon thundershowers but there are long sunny periods in between, and summer game viewing is often very rewarding. Many antelope give birth at this time of year, attracting the attentions of big cats, hyenas and wild dogs; migrant birds fill the air with song and flooded desert pans shine pink with flamingos.

Jan/ Feb/ Mar/ Apr
Warm with regular heavy rain; lush landscapes; excellent birding; ‘green’ desert
May/ Jun/ Jul
Mild & dry; very cold nights; good game viewing; very low malaria risk
Aug/ Sep/ Oct
Warm to hot & dry; peak game viewing season; low malaria risk
Nov/ Dec
Warm & occasional rain showers; antelope birthing season; good bird watching

Top Experiences

Things to look forward to in Namibia

1. Go on a Game Drive

Whether it’s Etosha or the Namib, you’ll see Namibia’s famous wildlife up-close on your morning & afternoon game drives; private reserves offer spot-lit night drives too.

2. Climb the Highest Dunes

The giant Sossusvlei dunes lie at the heart of the red Namib Desert – if you don’t want to climb one the world’s highest dunes, why not take a balloon flight over them?

3. Track the Desert Elephants

Namibia’s panoramic Damaraland hides secret populations of these classic heavyweights; you’ll also be on the lookout for big cats & desert antelope.

4. Stake out a Waterhole

Etosha Lodges often overlook game-packed waterholes which big cats use as ambush points & rhino visit at night. Sit back & let it happen.

5. Order a Bratwurst

The coastal resort town of Swakopmund is proud of its German heritage; get your timing right & you’ll enjoy the Oktoberfest!

6. Brave the Skeleton Coast

Known for its pounding seas & ghostly shipwrecks, this wild shore is home to seal colonies & tucked-away safari lodges.

7. Meet the Himba People

Namibia’s remote Kaokoland is home to a remarkable community. Visit a village for an insight into life in this challenging environment.

8. Explore the Dead Vlei

Get to Dead Vlei at first light to put your camera to the test: the enormous clay pan is flanked by sand dunes that stand out starkly against the blue sky and flush red in the early morning sun.

Nambia Tailor-made

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