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When To Go?

Best Time to Visit Tarangire

With an altitude of at least 900 metres (3 000 feet) above sea level, Tarangire escapes the stifling heat and humidity of Tanzania’s coast but the best time to visit Tarangire National Park is during the June to October dry season.

As the ephemeral water sources dry up across the park, animals are increasingly forced to concentrate at permanent water. Consequently, large numbers of animals and a great diversity of species can easily be seen at rivers and waterholes: elephants, buffalo, antelope, giraffe and zebra, preyed on in turn by Tarangire’s predators – lions, leopards, cheetah and spotted hyenas.

June to October enjoys nearly bone-dry weather though there is a possibility of rain beginning early in October. Temperatures vary considerably throughout this period: pack warm clothes if you plan to visit Tarangire between June and the end of August – it may hover near freezing on some early mornings – while October often experiences daytime temperatures over 30°C/86°F.

The beginning of the rains in November does not necessarily mean an end to safaris in Tarangire. There is about four weeks of rain – the ‘short rains’ – mostly in the form of afternoon showers. It is warm during this time: daytime temperatures average around 29°C/84°F while night time and early mornings see temperatures down to 17°C/63°F.

The heat continues into January and February when there is a short drier period – hard to predict and still with rain – but dry enough for some accommodation in Tarangire to stay open for safaris. This is also one of the best times to visit Tarangire if you want to combine your trip with the Serengeti migration. The wildebeest herds are concentrated in large numbers in the southern Serengeti at this time and relatively easy to access from Tarangire.

Then the ‘long rains’ arrive in March, peaking in April and continuing into May. A time to avoid Tarangire, this period sees the heaviest rain of the year and our recommended lodges close down, only reopening in May or June.

Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct
Best time to go to Tarangire - dry weather & the best game viewing; mild to warm but hot in Sept & Oct.
Nov Dec Jan Feb
The ‘short rains’ of Nov & Dec are followed by the slightly drier months of Jan & Feb. Peak bird watching time.
Mar Apr May
The ‘long rains’ & peak malarial season; most lodges close down over this very wet period.
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What To Do

Activities To Look Forward To

1. Go On A Game Drive

With some of the best wildlife viewing in Tanzania, the Tarangire is a place where game drives take centre stage. Morning & afternoon game drives are led by sharp-eyed guides in search of big game; a spot-lit night drive is also offered at some camps.

2. Walk Tarangire

Giving you the chance to view the finer details of the natural landscape, Tarangire lodges also offer guided walks ranging from a few hours around camp to multi-day fly-camping adventures where you leave the lodge & camp out in the wilderness.

3. Go Bird Watching

With a third of Tanzania’s birds & reputedly an area with the world’s greatest number of breeding bird species, Tarangire National Park is justifiably one of the best birding destinations anywhere & at any time of year. The bird count is an almost unbelievable 550 species.

4. Bring The Family

Ask us about family-friendly safaris in Tarangire: with great dry-season game viewing, it’s a good destination for families with older children & some of our lodges have children’s activity centres & larger accommodation units.

5. Visit The Community

Some lodges have access to local communities outside the park, many of which supply the staff & guides for the camps. A sensitively guided tour to a local village is a highlight for many guests & there is often a chance to visit community projects.

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