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East Africa experienced in combination

Uganda and Rwanda are destinations usually experienced in combination with others. Thanks to a well-practiced network of air connections, you can blend gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda with safaris in Kenya and Tanzania or head south for Botswana, the Kruger Park, Victoria Falls and Cape Town. We have a wide range of tours that combine the best destinations, appealing to all types of traveller from honeymooners to families.


Direct flights from Nairobi to Kigali means you can be in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park the same day, ready to head out the following morning on a gorilla trek. Or fly to Uganda and explore its forests, lakes and savannahs before your gorilla trek. Combined with Kenya’s wildebeest migration, you’ve got nature at her most dramatic.


Gorilla trekking plus the Serengeti migration, Big 5 game viewing and a Zanzibar beach holiday – it’s all possible when you add Tanzania into your Uganda or Rwanda travel plans. It’s a highly recommended combination for wildlife photographers.

South Africa

Uganda and Rwanda’s gorilla trekking seasons coincide with the best times to visit South Africa’s top two destinations: the Kruger Park and Cape Town. Kruger’s game viewing is best between June and October; Cape Town lies under blue summer skies from December to February. Why not add ‘in-between’ Victoria Falls to the itinerary as you head north?

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Top Experiences

The diversity is almost unbelievable

1. Track Mountain Gorillas

Sitting with a gorilla family in their natural surroundings is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Uganda & Rwanda are the best places in Africa to do it.

2. Go on a Game Drive

Add on a few days in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth or Murchison Falls national parks & you’ll enjoy big game viewing as well – elephants, hippos, antelope & Uganda’s famous tree-climbing lions.

3. Trek for Chimpanzees

Uganda’s forests are home to many other primates & several destinations offer chimp tracking adventures. We’d recommend Kibale Forest Reserve, renowned also for its bird watching & dazzling butterflies.

4. Take a River Cruise

One of the best ways to experience Uganda’s big game parks: cruise along Queen Elizabeth’s bird-filled Kazinga Channel or take a trip to see the River Nile thunder over Murchison Falls.

5. Go Bird Watching

With over 600 species to look for, keen birders should add a few days of Uganda travel to their itinerary. Birding hotspots include Kibale Forest & Queen Elizabeth National Park.

6. Find Tree-Climbing Lions

Everyone wants to see lions on safari; at Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park the big cats have taken to climbing trees, offering you unique photo opportunities.

7. Track Golden Monkey

With only a small number remaining in the world, the Golden Monkey can be found in the foothills of the Volcanic Virunga mountains of Mgahinga in Uganda and in the Parc National De Virunga in Rwanda.

8. Walk the Forest

Uganda & Rwanda are blessed with beautiful ever green forests where different tourism activities like nature walks, waterfall walks or forest walks are conducted.

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