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When to Go

Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls

To see Victoria Falls in full flood, visit between February and May when an unbroken mile of water is roaring over the edge and sending a column of spray a thousand feet into the sky. But note that this is the late rainy season, when the malaria risk is highest and rain the heaviest. It’s also not the best time for safaris in Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa.

If you’re planning to combine a safari with Victoria Falls Zimbabwe then we suggest the long dry season from June to October. You’ll still get great views of water thundering over Victoria Falls as well as the best weather (cool and dry June to August; hot and dry September and October). It’s also the best time for game viewing across the region, coinciding with the lowest malaria risk.

The start of the rainy season is marked by hot and uncomfortable weather as well as some rain but Zambezi water levels are very low and much of Victoria Falls is dry, especially on the Zambian side.

Feb/ Mar/ Apr/ May
Late rainy season: Victoria Falls is at its fullest & most impressive
Jun/ Jul/ Aug/ Sep/ Oct
Dry season: best time for rafting & safaris; low malaria risk; low water Sep & Oct
Nov/ Dec/ Jan
Early rainy season: hot with regular heavy rain; low to very low water over falls
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1. See “Smoke that Thunders”

Whether you go on foot or take to the air in a plane or micro light, make sure you see Victoria Falls close up. Ask us about getting the best views for the time of year.

2. Cruise the River

The best way to end the day: a Zambezi river cruise delivers the right balance of wildlife, scenery & comfort, topped off with a sunset & your favourite chilled drink.

3. – 1 … 2 … 3 … Bungee!

You can bungee jump all over the world but this 100 metre drop is one of the biggest & has nothing less than Victoria Falls as its backdrop.

4. Go White-water Rafting

Visit between August & December for rafting at its best. With nearly half its rapids classed as top-of-the-range Grade 5, the Zambezi River is an unforgettable roller coaster ride.

5. Take a Heli-ride

Our favourite way of enjoying the spectacular drama of Victoria Falls. On a helicopter safari you’ll be on the lookout for hippos & elephants as you fly above the Zambezi.

6. Dive into Devil’s Pool

Not for the faint-hearted! A boat trip to Livingstone Island & then a careful walk to the very edge of the falls & your destination: Devil’s Pool, overlooking the abyss.

7. Ride with Elephants

Travel to a sanctuary for the ultimate in elephant encounters: you’ll feed orphaned babies, pose for jumbo-sized selfies & then go game viewing atop of a friendly adult.

8. Walk with Lions

Big cat fans can’t miss this opportunity to walk in the African bush with habituated lion cubs; their playful, curious nature will leave you with lifelong memories.

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