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Why Go?

The Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park delivers an off-the-beaten-path safari in a diverse and wild environment. A sprawling swathe of wooded savannah, lazy rivers and seasonal wetlands, it is home to elephant and buffalo herds, lions and hippopotamus and crocodiles. Yet Zambia’s biggest conservation area is also perhaps the country’s least visited, giving adventurous travellers excellent game viewing in a landscape mostly to themselves.

Kafue’s most exciting draw card lies in the north-east of the park: the Busanga Plains, an area of flooded grasslands, permanent water and Kafue’s best safari accommodation. Here you can expect great wildlife viewing year-round but especially in the dry season when Kafue’s antelope herds are joined by thirsty wildebeest and zebra, providing rich pickings for Kafue’s big predators: lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas and even the highly endangered African wild dogs.

A Kafue safari is rich in experience: morning and afternoon game drives are augmented by spot-lit night drives, guided walking safaris and even water-based excursions. Safari lodges are small, luxurious and intimate; meals are served with views of misty floodplains or starry night skies, and there are in-house treats such as massages, laundry service and plunge pools.

It is a recommended destination for the experienced safari traveller: the guides at each camp are extremely knowledgeable about the local environment, and your personal interests such as photography or bird watching are easily accommodated. And with a bird list of almost 500 species, Kafue is one of Africa’s top birding destinations.

Now directly accessible by air, Kafue is only a couple of hours from Zambia’s capital Lusaka via a private charter flight. This makes it an easy part of a larger Zambia itinerary, combining with Victoria Falls and the Lower Zambezi or South Luangwa national parks to create a comprehensive safari experience.

Browse our recommended Itinerary Ideas or simply talk to us about a Kafue safari: we’ll recommend the best tour or accommodation for your requirements or will tailor-make an itinerary for you.

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What To Do

Activities To Look Forward To

1. Go on a Game Drive

Early morning & late afternoon drives are led by experienced guides, taking you to the best places to see Kafue’s wildlife. The customised 4X4 vehicles are open-sided & raised high off the ground for optimal photographic opportunities.

2. Search the Night

Night drives are permitted in Kafue – unlike most other national parks – which means a great opportunity to see Africa’s elusive nocturnal animals. Bush babies, eagle owls and smaller predators such as genets are often seen; leopards, civet-cats and honey badgers among the rarer sightings.

3. Walk the Kafue

Kafue’s guides are licensed to lead walking safaris, the best way to view the details of the environment whether they are insects, flowers, animal tracks or medicinal plants. Walks are highly recommended for bird watchers.

4. Tree-climbing Lions

Who says lions don’t climb trees? The swamp-dwelling lions of Busanga Plains are agile tree-climbers & are also strong swimmers, behaviour generally considered most unusual for the king of cats.

5. Go Bird Watching

An astonishing bird count of 490 species puts Kafue into the stratosphere when it comes to birding; a superb mix of Africa’s water, savannah and forest birds, the birdlife is at its most intense during summer when migrant species arrive.

6. Look for Big Cats

Lions are the most obvious big cat in Kafue & usually seen in large prides of up to 20 individuals but the park’s Busanga grasslands are a stronghold for cheetah while Kafue’s forested riverbanks are home to leopard.

7. Get Romantic

With safari camps rarely exceeding more than a dozen beds & set in beautiful remote locations, Kafue is perfect for couples celebrating a special occasion. Expect elegant suites, private dining & discreet service.

8. Watch a Busanga Sunrise

The iconic image of the Busanga Plains is worth getting up early for: a delicate pink sunrise, broken by the silent silhouettes of antelope grazing in the early morning mist.

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