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Masai Mara

Over a million wildebeest migrating

A Masai Mara safari delivers the quintessential East African experience. Its tented camps overlook sprawling plains studded with acacia trees and grazing antelope. Red-robed Maasai herdsmen tend their cattle on the savannah, co-existing with the wildlife and celebrating their passage into manhood with the famous ‘jumping dance’.

And from June to November the biggest show on earth arrives: the migration – over a million wildebeest returning to the Masai Mara from the Serengeti. Forced across the crocodile-filled rivers that stand in their way, the herds provide a thrilling spectacle of nature at its rawest. Back in the Masai Mara, the wildebeest face the attention of more predators – big cats, spotted hyenas and wild dogs – making it one of Africa’s must-see destinations for safari travellers.

But you don’t have to visit the Masai Mara in migration season to guarantee a memorable safari. Its abundant resident wildlife provides year-round game viewing while out-of-migration-season travellers enjoy the advantage of fewer other visitors, lower accommodation prices and a lush and green landscape.

The Masai Mara is a safari destination with broad appeal. Activities range from game drives and cultural tours to hot-air balloon safaris. Honeymooners and couples will love the Mara’s more intimate and exclusive camps; parents will be pleased to find camps with babyminders, activities for children, and 4-sleeper family suites.

During the migration months, when visitor numbers are highest, we recommend beating the crowds by staying at a Masai Mara concession. The privately-run reserves are home to excellent accommodation and offer everything the Masai Mara delivers plus night drives, nature walks and exclusive, off-road wildlife sightings.

Talk to Safari Online about a Masai Mara safari. We’ll recommend the best tour or accommodation for your requirements. We can also tailor-make an itinerary for you including Tanzania’s Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater or experiences such as gorilla trekking and beach holidays.

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Top Experiences

Mara provides year-round game viewing

1. Watch the Migration

It’s Nature’s greatest show: a million animals on the move. The croc-filled river crossings provide the greatest drama but you’ll need to book well ahead for the best places – ask us how.

2. Enjoy a View for Two

Many Masai Mara lodges specialise in discreet romance. Couples on honeymoon or celebrating a special occasion can look forward to sumptuous lodgings, private pools & table-for-two dining.

3. Walk with Maasai

Maasai herders share the savannah with big game: you’ll have opportunities to visit local communities & learn about village life. The traditional ‘jumping dance’ is a highlight on these sensitively-conducted tours.

4. Track the Cats

With this much wildlife on the hoof, the Masai Mara is a Year-round paradise for lions, leopards & cheetahs but your chances of seeing them in action are greater when the migrating wildebeest arrive.

5. Go Private

Avoid peak-season crowds by staying a private reserve adjoining the Masai Mara. You’ll enjoy exclusive sightings, night drives & plenty of privacy – perfect for discerning travellers & honeymooners.

6. Fly High

Start the day the Mara way: watching dawn break over the savannah – from 1 000 feet up. A hot-air balloon flight delivers the best view imaginable & there’s champagne waiting for you on touchdown.

7. Bring the Family

Several Masai Mara lodges offer child-based safari activities, childminders & private vehicles for family drives. Accommodation ranges from 4-sleeper tented suites to private family villas

8. Walk the Wild

Setting out on a walking safari in the Masai Mara ecosystem not only offers you the chance to stretch your legs, but also the opportunity to focus on some of the smaller ecosystems that are often overlooked

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