Why Go?

A breath-taking Damaraland Safari

At first glance, Namibia’s Damaraland looks a barren, inhospitable place. Lying between the wind-scoured Skeleton Coast and Etosha National Park, Damaraland showcases geology at its most extreme – burnt mountains, gravel plains and petrified forests.

But like so much of Namibia, Damaraland hides its magic until you spend a little time there. The soft light of dawn and dusk transforms jagged mountain ranges into layers of soft colours, golden grasslands sweep between acacia forests and the night sky is truly magnificent. And there are animals in Damaraland too – elephant, black rhino, gemsbok, mountain zebra and even lion. Ostriches and secretary birds stride across the landscape while eagles and stiff-winged vultures drift overhead.

A Damaraland safari also gives you the chance to discover the human side to this rugged environment. The rock art at Twyfelfontein ranks among the best in the world: 5 000 carvings and paintings depicting animals ranging from giraffes and seals to human figures and geometric imagery. And while on Damaraland safari you’ll benefit from the broad knowledge of local guides, showing you edible plants and how to track game. You can visit local communities to find out a little about life in big game country.

Once virtually inaccessible, Damaraland is now a highlight on many Namibia safaris. Lying between the popular seaside destination of Swakopmund and the Etosha National Park, the area makes a perfect two or even three-day stopover. You’ll find accommodation ranging from remote luxury lodges to traditional tented camps. Many camps have been designed with romantic travel in mind and feature honeymoon suites and breath-taking locations but families with children will find Damaraland accommodation with plenty to offer them too. It’s an easy self-drive destination too.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with activities in Damaraland. Game drives usually take centre stage but there’s also mountain biking, star-gazing, community visits and guided walks. The bird watching is surprisingly good and there’s even the chance go on spot-lit night drives to see Africa’s nocturnal wildlife on the move – wild cats, bush babies and kangaroo-like springhares.

A Damaraland safari combines easily with many of Namibia’s other attractions such as Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and the Etosha National Park – just ask us how.

Damaraland on the map


What To Do

Activities to Look Forward to

1. Go on a Game Drive

Damaraland’s desert-adapted elephant, cheetah, lion & black rhino are the most sought after sightings but your guide will be on the lookout for antelope, giraffe, small predators & brown hyena too.

2. Count the Stars

Mostly uninhabited & far from any major town, Damaraland’s inky black night sky is lit up by millions of dazzling stars. Sit back after supper & let your guide steer you through the cosmos.

3. Walk on the Wild Side

Whether you’re tracking rhinos or simply taking a nature walk around camp, being on foot with your guide is a must-do activity – your chance to see this extraordinary landscape close up.

4. See Ancient Rock Art

Created millennia ago and continued more recently by Khoisan hunters, the paintings & engravings at Twyfelfontein will make you gasp in surprise at their artistry and the stories they tell.

5. Go Bird Watching

Damaraland is home to around 250 species of bird including many raptors & a host of local endemics – ask your lodge for a specialist birding guide. Best in the summer months.

6. Visit a Local Community

Several lodges emphasise Damaraland’s human experience too – ask us about accommodation that offers the chance to visit local communities & support social & economic projects.

7. Search for Scorpions

After dark, another realm of the Namib awakes. Walks reveal some of these captivating critters such scorpions which fluoresce under UV lights.

8. Watch the Sunset

Not to be missed are the spectacular sunsets from the many different “sundowner” spots in the Damaraland. Enjoy the Amazing views together with some drinks and snacks!

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